Notice:End Of Service Notice on ZXR10 ZSR Router

Dear Customers,

To help you better cope with challenges brought by network changes and technological innovations, ZTE announces the end of life of some ZXR10 ZSR Series Routers.

ZTE plan to limit the marketing of ZXR10 1809/1822E/2842/3844/3884 since March 31, 2016. The last day to order these ZSR routers is June 30, 2016.

The following table describes the end of life milestones, description, and dates for these ZSR routers.




EOM (End Of Market)

The order for new and expansion projects and new service demand for the equipment will not be accepted after the date.


EOFS (End Of Full Support)

A patch will not be developed for new problems of all versions of this product after that date. For a patch which has been released, ZTE can still provide customers with support services.


LSBSP (Last Time Buy of Spare Parts)

The order for spare parts will not be accepted after the date.


EOS (End Of Service)

All support services related to the equipment will stop after the date.


After the EOS date, ZTE will stop any service related to the equipment, including service hotline and on-site support.

ZTE deeply regrets for the inconvenience by this adjustment. ZTE hopes that this announcement will help you plan your future network. This adjustment will not affect existing service relationship and quality. We will continue to offer superior products and services for you. If you have any problem, please contact our sale representatives.

ZTE Corporation

Annex: EOS products and alternative products

 EOS product

Alternative product

ZXR10 1809

ZXR10 160

ZXR10 1822E

ZXR10 1800-2S

ZXR10 2842

ZXR10 2800-4

ZXR10 3844

ZXR10 2800-4

ZXR10 3884

ZXR10 3800-8