Notice:EOM&EOS Announcement for ZXHN H367N(ZXDSL 931VII V3.0/V4.0)

Dear Madam/Sir:


Please kindly be notified that ZTE Corporation will end the sales of ZXHN H367NZXDSL 931VII V3.0/V4.0 product from September 15st,2017. After the date, the order for new equipment will not be accepted. And ZTE will stop providing support services from December 15st,2018.

ZTE Corporation will officially end the sales of ZXHN H367NZXDSL 931VII V3.0/V4.0 from the following dates:




End of Sales

ZTE will not Sale ZXHN H367N(ZXDSL 931VII V3.0/V4.0) from this date.

September 15st,2017

End of Service

This is the final date to obtain the service and support of this product. ZTE will not provide the software maintenance version or bug fixes, hardware maintenance and replacement of spare parts. We will not provide any service concerning this product.

December 15st,2018


 ZTE Corporation sincerely hopes that this notification will help you plan your future network, and the end of sales of ZXHN H367NZXDSL 931VII V3.0/V4.0 will not influence the existing service relationship and service quality. We will continue to provide you with other superior products and service. If you have any problem, please contact our sales representatives in time.


Yours Sincerely,

ZTE Corporation

May 15th,2017