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Subject:  ZXUN uMAC-fail to ping UE
ZTE engineer

ZTE engineer
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ZXUN uMAC-fail to ping UE (Published on:3/20/2018 2:24:33 PM)

Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)   

When do NB-IOT ping test,from UE ping FTP server failed,and can't see any signalling trace on OMM of MME.

Networking Environment

(PC&NB-IOT UE)-- eNodeB -- CoreNetWork -- FTP server

Problem Cause Analysis

In NB-IOT network,the UE packet work on S1-MME port,and no signaling trace on MME OMM. we do packet capture on PC,the result show us the packet was send by PC,so the packet may discad by UE or eNb side.

Troubleshooting Process (Problem Solution)

1 the packet capture show us the packet send out from PC
2 we ask UE engineer,maybe the version of UE has problem,so we do version update of UE, this no work.
3 we check the signalling trace again, after 30s of attach, the eNb will release the conversation,so may be after release,the UE can't active the conversation.
4 we do the test again, after UE attach,we do ping test immediately,this time we can ping from UE to FTP server,this is cause the NB UE will do PSM,when long time no packet send,we need wait UE weakup from PSM.


Subject:  ZXUN uMAC-fail to ping UE
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