Tech Support App (iSupport)

1.iSupport Overview

Tech Support App (iSupport), portable technical experts! 
  • Documentation:It supports various kinds of formats like product documents, maintenance experience, alarm code, command line, multimedia (such as drawings, videos, animation), and will bring you the latest mobile reading experience. The English version is under development.
  • Request: It supports query, creation, and closure of a customer service request, and filling in the assessment questionnaire. Only Android version is supported currently.
  • Spare parts: It supports customers to submit spare parts service request, and to query the history application records. The English version is under development.

2. Downloading

Use the account of ZTE Support website to log in the iSupport. (Registration)。

Use the terminal of Android or IOS system to scan the above QR code for downloading.  

3. Contact

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions during using iSupport. Our contact Email is: