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【Diagrams】ZTE RCS Solution Introduction

The RCS is the collection of the service capabilities that are planned by the GSMA. The objective of the RCS is to integrate audio, video, display technology, communities, networks, and other communication modes and functions based on the current communication capability to provide converged and abundant communication experiences to users.

Micro-course & Video】ZXSDP OP Portal Interactive Video

The Operator Portal is a management portal provided for the carrier's management personnel to manage ASPs and services. This video shows how to configure data through the Operator Portal. It is an interactive video that cannot be automatically played.

【One-Step Document Service】ZXCLOUD iBOX CT221 Quick Start Guide


The ZXCLOUD iBOX CT221 is a thin client without any mechanical components. As a desktop cloud terminal, it has a small size and is light-weight, and requires low power consumption.