Notice:EOM Announcement for ZXSDR 8988 series products

Dear customers:


ZTE hereby solemnly informs you that the EOM date and the EOL plan of ZXSDR 8988 series product is shown in the following table,the EOS date in the following table is planed date. the EOS announcement with EOS date the will be notified separately. 

Product End-of-Life Plan




Planed EOS


ZXSDR R8988 S3500

Mar. 30,2019


Jun. 30, 2022

Jun. 30, 2027

ZXSDR R8998G S3500

ZXSDR A8988S S3600

Mar. 30,2020


Jun. 30, 2020

Dec. 30, 2022


If you have any questions about the EOL plan, contact ZTE's local customer representatives or obtain further information through the ZTE service website.



ZTE Corporation

                                                     June 30, 2022