Notice: EOM Announcement for ZXR10 9904 Product

Dear customers:

ZTE hereby solemnly informs you that the EOM date of ZXR10 9904 product is December 31, 2022, and the EOL plan is shown in the following table. After the EOM date, ZTE will no longer accept orders of this product.You can purchase spare parts before LTBSP.

Product End-of-Life Plan






ZXR10 9904

Dec.31, 2022

Dec.31, 2023

Dec.31, 2027

ZXR10 9904X

If you have any questions about the EOL plan, contact ZTE's local customer representatives or obtain further information through the ZTE service website.



ZTE Corporation

September 7, 2023



Appendix: Definition of ZTE Product Lifecycle

Full Name



End of Market


Date from which orders of a product are no longer accepted. After this date, no order for new sites, expansion order, or requirement for new services on this product is accepted, but spare part orders for repair and storage are accepted.

Last Time Buy of Spare Parts


Only for hardware. After this date, no spare part orders for repair and storage are accepted. For products that do not need spare parts, such as terminal products, this milestone can be canceled.

End of Service&Support


Date from which all the services for a product are stopped. After this date, all the services for a series of products including hotline and onsite support are stopped.