Notice Regarding the GPS Week Number Rollover of CDMA Base Station System

Dear Customers,


According to the 3GPP2 protocol, the CDMA base station system must use the GPS clock. The week number of GPS returns to zero every 1024 weeks (about 19.5 years). This phenomenon is called GPS week number rollover. The ZTE CDMA BSS products are developed based on the 3GPP2 protocol, therefore GPS week number rollover will occur. According to the delivery time of ZTE equipment, the nearest GPS week number rollover will occur in 2025 (the exact time is determined by the equipment model in the existing network and the delivery time). When GPS week number rollover occurs, if no corresponding processing is performed, the system time will return to the factory delivery time, that is, back to about 19.5 years ago. The services of the CDMA system will be abnormal, and some network management functions are unavailable. For example, services are interrupted, alarms are reported improperly, and the time displayed on the mobile phone is abnormal.


ZTE officially informs you that ZTE CDMA BSS products will experience GPS week number rollover as early as 2025. If your CDMA wireless network needs to continue to operate in 2025 and beyond, please contact ZTE before November 30, 2023, and ZTE will provide some solutions and technical support within our capabilities. Otherwise, ZTE will not be able to provide solutions and technical support for GPS week number rollover.


The life cycle of ZTE CDMA BSS products ended at the end of March 2021. ZTE has released a series of end-of-life notices, and ZTE no longer provides any services. Due to the life cycle reason and in compliance with company compliance requirements, ZTE can only provide GPS week number rollover software patches for some equipment models based on specific software version, and cannot promise other services (including but not limited to upgrade services, spare parts services, and other technical support).


Thank you for your understanding!




                                                             ZTE Corporation

                                                                         Oct 25, 2023