Notice: EOS Announcement for ZXR10 T8000-16 Product

Dear customers: 

       ZTE hereby solemnly informs you that the services of ZXR10 T8000-16 Product will be stopped after April 30,2024. After this date, ZTE will stop all the services of this product, including technical support (onsite technical support, remote technical support, and 800 hotline) and spare parts services (hardware maintenance and spare parts replacement). In addition, to allow you to complete product switching and migration more easily, we will continue to provide FAQ and solution for known problem in the next year since the EOS date. You can check or download them.

       EOS Arrangement for ZTE Products






ZXR10 T8000-16

Sep 30,2020

Mar 30,2021

Apr 30,2024

ZXR10 T8000-18,

ZXR10 T8000-X16


       ZTE recommends that you upgrade to recommended substitutes, so that we can continue to provide you with high-level services. 

       If you have any questions about the end-of-life plan, contact ZTE's local customer representatives or obtain further information through the ZTE service website.


ZTE Corporation

April 12, 2024



Appendix Definition of ZTE Product Lifecycle

Full Name



End of Market


A product is changed from a normal sales status to an act of stopping sales on the market. After this date, ZTE will no longer accept orders for new offices and capacity expansion, and will no longer accept new service requirements on the equipment, but can accept orders for spare parts for repair and storage purposes.

Last Time Buy of Spare Parts


Stop accepting orders for spare partsafter this date, including sales and maintenance of spare parts.(For analogy mobile device and pure software products which do not have spare partsit can be canceled)

End of Service&Support


Stop providing product services and support. Including software maintenance versions, defect fixing, hardware repair, spare parts replacement, and all other support and services of the product(Includes service hotline and remote/on-site support).